Perfect Students International


  • ·    orientation detailing Chinese customs, laws and other essential information;
  • ·    intensive and specialized training in English teaching methodology and teaching techniques for Chinese schools;
  • ·    TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate;
  • ·    membership into a program that is endorsed by the Chinese government;
  • ·    employment as an English language teacher in a school in China;
  • ·    accommodation and meals during training, orientation and employment period;
  • ·    monetary allowance dependent on qualifications, paid during employment period;
  • ·    conversational Mandarin classes;
  • ·    24-hour emergency support and translation service (English/Mandarin) provided by support staff at the school and WTC China staff in Beijing.
  • ·    opportunities to travel in China during school breaks;
  • · assistance acquiring a visa;