Perfect Students International


If you are from the western world and seeking a unique cultural exchange with the East, then this is the program for you! To be eligible, you must:

  • ·     have completed secondary education (UK equivalent to A-levels);
  • ·     intend to commence/commenced/completed a post-secondary education;
  • ·     upon departure date be at least 19 years of age;
  • ·     be prepared to conduct yourself professionally in a school environment;
  • ·     be aware of and prepared for the challenges of camp teaching in a foreign country;
  • ·     be prepared to play an active role in school life beyond the classroom;
  • ·     have sound command of the English language, to be confirmed through testing and an interview;
  • ·     be interested in experiencing Chinese life and culture first-hand;
  • ·     be up to the challenge of demanding training and a challenging camp teaching position;
  • ·     be outgoing, adventurous, flexible, confident, and have an open mind.